DAY FINE ART // SURVEY from Kin Things on Vimeo.

The documentary “DAY FINE ART // SURVEY“ by Kin Things, a creative studio based in Sydney, portrays a photographer and his passion to his job. He tells the audience about his job and his philosophy that stands behind it. Additionally, he is shown in his studio shooting models in fashion clothing, walking around in the nature to get inspired and looking at old pictures .

I chose this documentary because I am personally very interested into photography and not only the technical side of it. Especially the creative and innovative part of photography fascinates me. The shown photographer lives for his job, he came into his own and loves what he is doing.

The documentary mode that is used to create this documentary is basically the poetic mode. The audience are shown an abstract and subjective representation of the photographer’s reality. His everyday life is re-enacted for the film so that the audience feels like they are involved into his work. You can recognise it because of the used techniques to emphasise the creative atmosphere. The filmmaker worked with little depth of field so that the focus can be on the important objects in the scene as the camera or the photographer himself. The colour scheme is edited so everything looks warm, comforting and welcoming. Furthermore, he used slow motion to highlight the passion of the photographer. The audience can find the inner truth of photography and gets inspired by it. The background music supports the dreamy and catchy atmosphere.

All in all, you can say this documentary is literally a manipulation, it does not show the reality, it is stage-managed to convince, fascinate and inspire the audience by its artistic look and atmosphere. Anyway it is a great and high qualitative short documentary that is a creative artwork itself and I really like it.


  • A good choice of a film and I think your analysis is correct. Clearly it adopts a number of differing styles and conventions but the overwhelming and dominant mode is poetic. In fact I would go as far to say that this is largely the mode that most people adopt these days for short films though I have today seen one or two examples of other modes from contemporary filmmakers.

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