Corinne Day was a fashion and documentary photographer. In 2010 she lost her battle against a brain tumor but will be remembered for transforming and influencing the fashion photography in the early 1990s. As a self-taught photographer she brought a more documentary and real look to the fashion photography industry and established a raw and aesthetic style of portraits.153054

Day grew up in a North-West suburb of London and moved to Milan where her career as a fashion photographer started. Her first fashion editorial for The Face became a lot of public attention. The story used teenaged Kate Moss as a model and the image of her wearing a feather head-dress is now one of Day’s most acknowledged work. For the following years she spent a lot of her time producing images for her first book Diary, a personal and very honest look at her life and her friends.

She wanted to shoot pictures which reflect an everyday teenage life rather than highly-stylised images that you can look at in the glossies. She aimed to create images that offer a possibility for identification. What makes her work so unique is the fact that it represents normality and ordinary in a stage-managed, fashion orientated, apparent perfect but actually unreal and fake world.

Day was known for her close relationships to her models, for example Kate Moss. That allows her to make various very intimate and authentic portraits of her. Their pictures helped both of them to build up their careers and to became as famous as they are now.

When Corinne Day died, a great artist left us behind with an amazing lifework.

„Photography is getting as close as you can to real life, showing us things we don’t normally see. These are people’s most intimate moments, and sometimes intimacy is sad.“kate-moss-corinne-daytumblr_nneb0numrp1tdlbsio1_1280 tumblr_nfb69r873r1rnbekgo1_500

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