In my course Contemporary Photographic Practice, I had the task to produce a portrait series of 10 photos. I decided to show the advantages of staged photography in the studio with perfect lighting and on the other hand very authentic, moody and candid photos, shot in low lights situations. My aim is to show that both ways of portrait photography have beautiful sides and aspects.

For the studio pictures I decided to go deeper into fashion photography. Due to that I researched a lot of fashion photographers who are famous for their work and tried to understand their “handwriting” in order to try to make some fashion related pictures on my own. Corinne Day, Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Testino, Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh are just a few names in the industry but they made the fashion world to what it is nowadays.

By using two large softboxes I tried to create a beautiful, interesting and bright studio light. I choose some models and together we collected clothes and accessories, created the make-up on our own and did a shooting. By editing them in black-and-white I gave them charm and a special look.

The candid pictures are just outtakes that result from a non-working flash, a snap-shot when one of my models did her hair or just totally spontaneous by adjusting the camera settings and shooting randomly in the studio. I edited them very moody and dark to underline the contrast to my other staged pictures.

I am very pleased and happy with my results so far.

_mg_0067 _mg_0088 _mg_0207 _mg_0237 _mg_0295 _mg_0304

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