9. Dezember 2016

Contemporary Photography


In my course Contemporary Photographic Practice, I had the task to produce a portrait series of 8 to 10 photos. I decided to show different girls in their very own styles and appearances and show that every girl is beautiful on her own way.

For the studio pictures I decided to go a little bit deeper into fashion photography. Due to that I researched a lot about fashion photographers who are famous for their work and tried to understand their “handwriting”. Corinne Day, Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Testino, Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh are just a few names in the industry but they made the fashion world to what it is nowadays. As a result of my research I learnt a lot about stage-managing models to show their best sides and to highlight their beauty.

By using two large softboxes I tried to create a beautiful, interesting and bright studio light. I choose some models and together we collected clothes and accessories, created the make-up on our own and did a shooting. I edited them in black and white to show they belong to a series. In addition, black and white photography always looks very high-quality, classy and elegant. A beautiful black and white portrait can be better than the same picture in colours.

l I decided to make several photos of my models from different perspectives to show every side of them. I want to study them in detail and try to show their personality and as lot of facets as possible. So I took photos of my models in three positions: profile, whole body and portrait.

I ordered them in a row so that the profile picture leads the direction. If the model looks to the left the portrait picture was on the left, the way in which the model looked. The picture of the whole body is in the middle.

I am very happy and pleased with my work and think that I produced some really beautiful and authentic portraits.